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Monday, January 16, 2012
By William
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Last week I received a letter from a client who has become a dear friend.  I had just delivered two of the seven paintings that I have created for her over the past five years. The feelings and events described in this letter demonstrate why I am passionate about being a portrait artist. It is so touching to hear how my work affects others and becomes a meaningful part of their lives.  Thank you, Louise, for the memories you have given me.

Dear Bill,

As the grandmother of 10 precious children, I had long desired to do something special for them and me. After much thought and diligence, I fell in love with your work and thus began five years of wonderful memories and beautiful portraits. What I did not realize was the bond that would form between you, each child, each grandchild and me.

Each portrait actually represents a couple of years of planning, shopping, over nights and travel. These are the stories that accompany all the paintings and made them more special. In other words, the whole experience has been priceless.

Apparently the grandchildren feel the same way. A friend of mine stopped by my son’s new home to visit. Immediately, my nine-year old granddaughter invited her inside and offered to give her a guided tour. After pointing out the refrigerator, the icemaker and all the fancy appliances, she then asked if she would like to see “the portraits.” With a pointer in her hand , and after telling her to “look with your little eyes, but don’t touch,” she proceeded to show her the four portraits in their home. My friend said that was one proud child because she knew these portraits were special to her family.

Through your eyes and amazing talent, it has been a dream come true to know I have achieved exactly what I set out to do – create my legacy to my grandchildren!

Although my pocketbook is a lot lighter these days, my wealth of memories and heart are full.

Louise Galloway

Columbia, S.C.

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Murray Cromer - I saw Mom's letter on your blog, and Bill, it is so true! I find myself sitting in my dining room and just gazing at their pictures. I laugh because the children make all of the neighborhood kids come in through the front door (they never have before), but I know it's so the pictures will be seen :)

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