Stolen Moments: The Perfect Gift
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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About a year ago, William began developing a beautiful new line of portraiture. More impressionistic, with dramatic lighting designed to imitate the sun streaming in through a paned window, William's new look seeks to capture children in their natural element, unaware of camera or audience, wrapped in their own imaginations and thoughts. In fact, the look is inspired by the days when William would quietly peek in to his children's rooms to discover them engrossed in an imaginary world. With William's children all grown up now, these portraits are infused with a nostalgia for parenthood, and a wonder at the innocence of childhood. The lighting in these portraits is simply stunning, and the personal nature of the portraits makes them a true keepsake for any parent. Appropriately named "Stolen Moments," we're confident these paintings will make a perfect gift for the holidays! Call to book your consultation appointment today and check someone special off of your shopping list!

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