Staff Profile: Dianne Branson
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014
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Dianne married William in 1975 and has been a partner in his life and business ever since. Aside from being the mother of two (grown-up) children, and the grandmother of a darling little girl (pictured above), Dianne handles a variety of important tasks around the studio. One of the most valued aspects of Dianne's work is her coordination of our studio's involvement with auctions and other charity events. We work with a huge variety of charities across North Carolina, donating certificates to auction events to help raise money for worthy causes. These charitites and causes include the Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes for children with diabilities, 1in9 breast cancer awareness, The American Diabetes Association, Hospice of Wake County, The American Heart Association, and the Duke Children's Hospital and Health Center, among others. Dianne organizes all of our partnerships with these organizations throughout the year and can come up with an impressive list of charity balls, galas, and silent auctions within a hundred mile radius at the drop of a hat. 

In addition, Dianne is our gardener! She loves working in the yard and has a real talent for it! She takes care of all of the gardening and grounds maintenance on our studio's property, and keeps it looking lush and gorgeous all year round. She has a huge heart, a wonderful southern accent, and a long list of delightful stories about growing up in Durham.

Dianne's Stats

Favorite local dining spot: Whole Foods' Deli and Cafe

Favorite local shop: Stone Brothers Hardware

Best part of living in the Triangle: The friends she's made here, living and growing in one place, the bonds you form are deep and lasting

Favorite aspect of her work: Working with fundraisers to help aid charities and to raise money for good causes

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Susan Nunn - Two lovely ladies. Dianne is the epitomy of hard-work and multi-talent. She gives so much of herself to everyone else, contributing to the community, nurturing people and plants ! A great friend and a wise woman.
Kay Gresham - Always knew Dianne was busy every minute - NOW I know what she actually does - busy girl! There is never a dull minute when she is around. She is a woman of many talents, many of them being put to good use at the studio.
You guys make a great team and do fantastic work! Beautiful little Sally Gray, by the way.
paige ward - Dianne is def drinking from the fountain of youth! What a beautiful picture of grandmother & grand daughter; somebody knows a good photographer.....
William Branson - Thanks, Tricia! We think so too!
Tricia Pickett - Dianne is a smart talented lady and a great friend!
Mitzi - I love Dianne and blessed to call her friend!

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