Speaking at Imaging USA in New Orleans
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Thursday, January 12, 2012
By William Branson
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I will be giving a program at Imaging this Sunday, January 15th. Imaging is a huge photogoraphy convention with more than 10,000 attendees. The conference is designed to inspire and educate photographers from around the world.

 My program is about the importance of finding your niche and stragegies to improve your business, including studio design and marketing. I will also show some of my portrait finishing techniques.

It is so important that we never stop learning, no matter how well we think we know our craft. There is always something new to add to your creative toolbox. I can’t wait to hear the other programs.

Along with my program, I have put together a DVD called Strategies and Tutorials for Portrait Photographers. In addition to marketing techniques and materials, retouching and painting tutorials, the DVD includes massive discounts from suppliers that I recommend.

I look forward to seeing everyone and learning from the great talent that will be at the convention. 

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Rhonda Lorraine - Hi,
I attended the NOLA Conference, and I love, love, love your work! I'm a dentist, and I do photography has a hobby. I noticed that you have a DVD. How could I purchase your DVD? Please respond.

Wendy Valderrama - Such an inspiring presentation! My husband and I are still enamored with your work and keep coming back to look at it! Thank you for sharing your beautiful portraits and knowledge with us!

Wendy Valderrama

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