Photographing the Archbishop of Quebec
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Monday, July 23, 2012
By William
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I just got back from an incredible trip to Canada, where I photographed the Archbishop of Quebec, Gerald Cyprien Lacroix, at the Notre-Dame Basilica Cathedral.

A lot of things went through my mind as I prepared for how I was going to create his portrait. Fellow Cameracraftsmen Greg Daniel, Michael Thompson and Bob Stewart accompanied me. Upon arriving, we were ushered into a waiting room. As we sat quietly waiting, we suddenly could hear someone's shoes clacking loudly on the steps as he came dashing down to greet us. He was a warm, very pleasant and personable human being. We spent time chatting, and then he took us up to the portrait room, where the portraits of every archbishop have hung since the beginning of the diocese. I spent about two hours getting to know him and working with him in different locations. What a wonderful experience! 

Here is a video that shares the amazing experience that I had working with him. It ends with the image that has been chosen for the final painting. 

As we move forward finishing the painting, we will share it with you. I hope you enjoy.

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Ricardo Riomalo Rivera - Monseñor Cipriano: Que alegría poder estar con Usted a través de este medio, viendo la sesión de fotos y video se ve muy bien, pedimos al Todo Poderoso que ilumine su ministerio y que el Espíritu Santo lo llene de sabiduría para guiar a su comunidad y a la nuestra. Felicidades, Monseñor.
Julie Tomkovick - BB-- What an amazing process--Perfect choice on the final image. Can't wait to see the finished portrait. --JT
Leo and Cathy Hintz - William: How thrilled you must be to have been able to work with such an important man. We have our family portrait in our living room that you painted for us (Cheryl Zipser)and we can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did. We actually all look good. Thank you again. The Hintz and Zipser Family.
Kay Gresham - I am sincerely moved. Thank you

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