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Monday, September 12, 2016
By William Branson III, Inc.
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William Branson III is looking for models as he works on his three year project, Stolen Moments. Check out Stolen Moments here.

Stolen Moments is a reflection of precious time when one or more subjects are engrossed in another world that only they are involved in.

William Branson III will be producing a coffee table book and will be putting together an art exhibit featuring a selection of portraits from this Stolen Moments collection.

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William Branson III - Thank you, Kimberly for your kind words. That is what I strive for with everyone I work with. I am so glad to know that not only you are pleased but that those who have seen your portrait have wonderful things to say about it.
Kimberly Monroe - William-
The beautiful piece that you created for me has been described by those who have looked at it as a stolen moment -you captured something very special.


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