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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
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Few places spark the imagination more than an experience at Disney World!  Their wide range of attractions are unforgettable, and the daily live performances are unlike those anywhere else.  The extreme attention to detail, the exuberance and skill of the performers, the elaborate stage design, and fabulous costuming all work together to create memories for a lifetime.  That is why I am SO excited to announce that we now have partnered with their former top seamstress to bring the magic of Disney to Durham!  Recently, I was out in Los Angeles working and had the pleasure of meeting with her.  She has worked as the lead seamstress for hit Disney movies and performances and will help us design our own custom clothing for our private use in the studio!  The beauty and superb quality of her work cannot be overstated!  We look forward to sharing her work with you soon.  Who knows what we will come up with!  We will need models as we work with this new (line) and if you are interested in being a model, contact us and we will put you on our list! 

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