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Tuesday, January 24, 2012
By Anna
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Portfolio display at Imaging USA in New Orleans.

Hi! I have some fantastic news to share with you. Last week, William became a Fellow of the American Society of Photographers, the highest honor to be earned by a photographic artist. He received the Fellowship degree at the ASP Banquet this year in New Orleans.

When William returned from New Orleans, I watched a video of the awards ceremony. Greg Daniel introduced William to the audience, and I really liked a comparison that he made. Greg said, "Michael Buble is the modern day classical. He has made modern day classic music cool. William Branson is our Michael Buble of portraiture. He has made beautiful classic portraits cool. His portraits stand the test of time." It is so true! I couldn't agree with Greg more.

Applying for the Fellowship was a huge undertaking. To apply, William had to submit a portfolio of images characteristic of his finest work as well as write a paper incorporating his philosophy, life work and achievements in photography.

From selecting his portfolio images to writing his thesis, this application process has been three years in the making.

A jury of peers judged his portfolio and thesis. The jury was composed of five members of the ASP as selected by the ASP Board of Governors. All judges hold the Master’s degree and four hold the Fellowship degree. The decision for awarding of the Fellowship resides in this jury.

The Fellowship is the highest honor bestowed to any ASP member. There have only been 111 ASP fellows in the world, many of whom are no longer with us.

There are two exceptional qualities about William's accomplishment. The first is that he received the fellowship on his first try! The second is that the images he submitted in his portfolio were all portraits created for clients. Many receive their fellowship degree with scenic photography, rather than the work that they deliver to their clients.

As all of William’s clients know, he constantly strives to create the finest in portraiture. Please join me in congratulating William on this achievement!

Thank you!


Big thank you to Bill Goode for photographing this event!

The following paragraph from the ASP Fellowship guide illustrates the honor and responsibility of the Fellowship.


The recipient of the Fellowship and highest earned honor in the profession has a responsibility to pass his photographic knowledge and experience to his fellow photographer ... be a student, novice, or experienced professional. He/she is expected to uphold and foster the highest ideals of the Society and profession, so that no opportunity shall pass that might help photography advance or enhance the prestige of the degree.

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John Stanton - Long overdue. Welcome to the group good friend.
Gordon Herbert - Fantastic! What a great achievement reflecting much-deserved praise for all your hard work and artistic ability. Much congratulations from Corinna and I.

Rachel - Congratulations William from the Hilbert family. We are proud to have a family portrait by such a celebrated photographic artist. May you continue to receive benefits from this honor. Thanks for your kindness and good work.

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