Bridal Portraits by North Carolina Portrait Artist William Branson III
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Thursday, October 18, 2012
By Anna
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When is the best time to sit for a bridal portrait?

There are so many major advantages to scheduling your portrait well in advance of your wedding day. 

Having a bridal portrait done by your wedding photographer on your wedding day can never have the same quality of a portrait done by an artist on a day entirely dedicated to creating the perfect bridal portrait for you. This is a portrait that captures your beauty and elegance in one of the most wonderful, exciting times in your life.

There is simply not enough time on your wedding day to do justice to this once in a lifetime portrait that will be an important keepsake for the rest of your life. 

BIG plus: A bridal portrait is like a dress rehearsal. Putting on your dress and looking in the mirror at the bridal shop is not really wearing your dress. A dress that seemed the perfect length in the bridal shop suddenly seems a little too long. Realizing this in advance of your wedding gives you time to have it altered. The portrait session gives you a chance to see if the makeup and hair style is exactly how you want it to be on your wedding day. 

Scheduling your portrait before your wedding day makes the experience so much more memorable and relaxed. A bridal portrait can be a wonderful experience between you and someone special, especially mothers and grandmothers. 

It is best to allow at least six weeks before the wedding, so that there is no worry about having the portrait ready in time to be displayed at your reception. 

If you have not scheduled your portrait portrait, please call today!  

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