Archbishop of Quebec visits William Branson III
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Monday, July 01, 2013
By William Branson
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Last June, when I created Archbishop Gerald Cyprien Lacroix's portrait in Quebec, he told me that whenever he came down my way, he would be sure to stop in and visit me. Clients whom I have traveled to over the years tell me this all the time, but I rarely get to see them again. Life is so hectic.

Imagine my surprise to receive an email from the Archbishop while he was in Rome for the coronation of the new Pope, informing me that he would be coming my way soon and wanted to make arrangements to visit me!

A few weeks later, he flew in to RDU airport and met me for breakfast the following morning at Foster's. We had a wonderful time sharing stories. He is such a humble man.

I was surprised and honored when he presented me with a can of maple syrup made by his family in Canada.

After breakfast, he visited my studio where he was able to see what goes on behind the scenes. Later that morning he and his entourage headed out to their next stop. Above is a picture of us together at my studio, and below is the formal portrait that I created last year. I am very blessed to be able to meet and create portraits of people from all walks of life.

 Click here to see the behind the scenes video of the portrait being created. 

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Kay Gresham - What a beautiful story to go with a beautiful portrait!
Melrose Fisher - how neat!

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