ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
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Thursday, August 28, 2014
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It seems everyone is getting involved in the ALS ice bucket challenge right now. And yes, the moment finally came earlier today: someone challenged William to dump a bucket of ice cold water over his head in the name of ALS fundraising and awareness. Unfortunately, I could not convince him to complete the challenge. You would think he would jump at the chance to cool off in his crisp button-down and carefully ironed pants! Okay, okay, we do have clients coming in just a few moments... and we do a lot of other work with charities throughout the year to more than make up for his reticence today. So alas, I am not sharing any eye opening footage of William's small (but loyal) staff dousing him in freezing cold water. However, one of our subjects from a recent portrait session glady took up the challenge! A dear friend and client, Karen Davis, sent us her grandson's foray into icy territory just in time to save William. The resulting video is adorable, hilarious, and wonderful to watch. We just started working on this charismatic little man's painted portrait and we can't wait to see his reaction several months from now. Watch his ice bucket challenge video here and share your own stories of the ice bucket challenge below! And who knows, maybe William will embrace the icy waters over this long, three-day weekend...

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