A Letter from the Cardinal
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Wednesday, August 03, 2016
By William Branson III, Inc.
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México City, June 22 2016
Mr William Branson III

Dear William,

Yesterday, with great pleasure, I received the portrait that you sent me with Mrs. Marian Blake and her team.

I don’t have the right words to express my sincere gratitude for this work of art that reflects your amazing capability to capture reality and portray it in an artistic manner. However, my liking was not only seeing the portrait. It all started the day I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Cathedral and shared the time of discernment to find the right place, seeing your work, the enthusiasm and joyfulness you do it with.

I’m sending you the fraternal hug I would have liked to give you in person, hoping that there will be the opportunity to see you again. Once again thanking you, I pray for the maternal intercession of Santa Maria de Guadalupe for you, your collaboration team and your loved ones.

Your brother and servant that blesses you,

Norberto Car. Rivera Carrera
Primary Archbishop of Mexico

Reflections on the Letter from the Cardinal

Written by Elizabeth A. Britton

When William traveled to Mexico City to create a portrait of the Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, he had no idea that the Cardinal would be so overjoyed to receive his portrait just a few months later. Having just received the above heartfelt letter, William was speechless with awe. The portrait had taken a lot of hard work to complete, and it was clearly worth every minute of it.

William recalls how breathtaking the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral was when he first entered the gates. The cathedral, founded in 1573 by Spanish conquistadors, had been built atop an ancient Aztec temple and is the largest cathedral in the Americas. The portrait itself features the Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera at the Altar of Forgiveness inside of the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and celebrates his 50th year of priesthood (see image below).

This portrait captures the Cardinal's special moment forever, and William would love to capture your next special moment as well. Call 919-493-2467 to book your appointment today.

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